About Matthias (wikimatze)

Matthias Günther loves Vim and painting Warhammer figures

I'm writing about things that arouse my interest like Ruby, Vim, Padrino, and Linux. I also like playing with new technologies like Pomodoro. Besides, it's my passion to take marvelous pictures with Canon EOS 1100.

I love Open Source (GitHub, Bitbucket), working with Vim (check out my plugin tocdown), and giving talks (see my slides on speakerdeck).

Under books you can find the latest stuff I'm reading.

Painting Figures

Since my early childhood I have fallen in love with painting small figures. I have spent endless hours with painting them and still have much fun developing new skills and techniques for painting them. Take a look at the following examples:

More of them can be found on flickr account.

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