Seven minutes star by Florian Mück

Posted by Matthias Günther
  • p 25-26: "Audience love you when you share intimate stories about yourself."
  • p 31: "Ending sentence must be catchy, a grabber, powerful."
  • p 35: Maxwell Max: "Low self-esteem left out is like driving through life with your handbrake on." Charlie Chaplin: "A day without a smile is a lost day."
  • p 67: "Sympathy is all about sharing emotions and feelings, resonating with each other."
  • p 77: "Share your personal and professional experience with your audience."
  • p 84: "Quotations are good! Start by learning 10 of them by heart."
  • p 87: "Laughters from the audience makes your speech memorable."
  • p 89: "Make fun of yourself, - the audience will love it."
  • p 94: "On stage you will be positive - always."
  • p 99: "When you speak in publics you expose yourself completely - prepare your own speeches."

custom notes taken on my own observation

  • the difference between speakers is energy -> without energy you can't amaze the people
  • separate question and answers from the talk, because if you can't answer questions during your talk, you will lose authority solution: talk to the person of the talk and make it possible to delay the section of QA after the talk
  • a slide which has two message should be placed on two slides