Sweetie (Ruby Gem)

Last update 2012-07-26

Sweetie - Counts the links, images, number of html pages, and last-build time of a jekyll project.

Zimki (Ruby Gem)

Last update 2012-07-26

Zimki - Converts file written in the zim Desktop Wiki format and converts them to textile.

Tocdown (Vim Plugin)

Tocdown - Display the headlines of a markdown document in an extra window.

Dropcaps (Pmwiki Plugin)

Last update 2013-01-20

Dropcaps - Make the first letter of a text big.

Headlineimage (Pmwiki Plugin)

Last update 2013-01-20

Headline recipe for pmwiki

Headlineimage - Display the title-attribute of an image directly on the image.

Syntaxlove (Pmwiki Plugin)

Last update 2013-01-20

Syntaxlove recipe for pmwiki

Syntaxlove - Alex Gorbatchev has written a wonderful JavaScript for syntax highlighting. This technique is used by many blogs out there and I converted it for pmwiki. By clicking on the source code on a page you can load them for printing or copy it in the cache.

Twitter (Pmwiki Plugin)

Last update 2012-07-27

Twitter recipe for pmwiki

Twitter - Display "Tweets" and "Twipics" on the website.


Last update 2013-01-20

Linkicons recipe for pmwiki

Linkicons - Depending on the file extension of a link, corresponding symbols are added at the end of the text of the links. This allows a quick identification the relevant links. The images are all from in this recipe are from famfam.

Clockwise-Consulting (Webdesign And Implementation)

Website of clockwise-consulting

This website was created to simply display the ideas and concerns of this consulting firm based in Jena. Again the blueprint CSS framework was used to create the basic layout. There were no special recipes used and the bulk part of the work was spend in the navigation and clean structure of the website.

Campusradio Jena (Webdesign And Implementation)

Website of Campusradio Jena

Campusradio Jena was incapacitated due to an update of their hosting company for two months (September till October 2009). The requirements were:

Thus the system should not be used for an administrator but also from editors of news, the wiki engine pmwiki was used. After several hours of training with the editors of campusradio Jena, the website went online.

Computer Science Student Representatives Of Jena (Webdesign And Implementation)

Website of Computer Science Jena

The website of the student council of the FSU computer science based on the Joomla CMS was corrupted so it has been build up from the scratch. Served as the basis pmwiki that is easy to migrate to a different website and easy to use by all members of the students without much HTML knowledge, it was very well received. It has a forum, RSS-Feed and a blog-like news system to provide the students with information. Thus the system should not be used for an administrator but also from editors of news - the wiki engine pmwiki was used.

Logo for Department Evenings 2009/2010 Of Computer Science At FSU Student Council

Department Evenings 2009/2010 of computer science at FSU Student Council

The logo appeared on all events and was only changed according to the various themes of this event. The image was created with inkscape.